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Tax Credits for Insulation!

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 retroactively renewed the prior tax credit effective January 1, 2012, expiring again on December 31, 2013. As in previous years, the cumulative maximum amount of tax credit that can be claimed by a taxpayer in all years combined is $500.

Included in the bill was an extension of the insulation tax credit (10% of the cost of materials up to a $500 tax credit) that expired at the end of 2011. The bill makes insulation purchases in 2013 (and also purchases in 2012) eligible for the tax credit. The bill also includes a provision to extend the $2,000 tax credit for builders who construct energy efficient homes pursuant to the 2006 IECC.

Other tax credits and utility program rebates may still be in effect. Check with your energy supplier for possible rebates in your area.

For details on Department of Energy recommended R-values in your area please click the below image.

Department of Energy Recommendations

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